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Transfer of investment income (dividends or profit shares)

La SARL  (Limited Liability Company) is a very common form of company in Morocco. This form of company is suitable for virtually  any type of commercial and craft activity. Creating an LLC allows you to protect your personal assets effectively and benefit from appropriate taxation. This form of company offers entrepreneurs simplicity and security.

SARL AU is a SARL with a single founding partner.

Create une SARL withL-Expert-comptable.maincludes: 

  • Your SARL statutes

  • Integral management of administrative formalities

  • Accompaniment by Experts

  • 100% Online Procedure

  • Your Model J from SARL in 2 weeks

Creation of an LLC

How it works ? 

Requirement collection

Answer simple questions (15 min)

Preparation of statutes

We prepare your statutes and manage your formalities.

Obtaining the J model

Get your Model J, your SARL is officially created!

Why create une SARL with

You are accompanied by Experts 


A simple and quick solution.

Create your documents and complete your formalities in less than 15 minutes.


100% up-to-date legal documents

Our models are written by specialized lawyers and reviewed by a committee of experts.


Impressive savings

Save up to 50% on your legal fees


Experts at your service

All our documents are designed by lawyers who are experts in their field. They guide you and answer your questions if necessary.

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