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Who are we ?

We are a company of Accounting Expertise and Statutory Auditors registered on the Roll of the Order of Chartered Accountants in Morocco.

Our Experts are resolutely rooted in new technologies and are committed to bringing all their know-how to support clients through targeted expertise and personalized advice in legal, tax and financial matters.

We are recognized forthe qualityof our human resources,our proceduresinternal standards to international standards and for the involvement of our entire team in the service ofexcellenceof our customers.

An irreproachable quality of service which has earned us increased trust from our customers. 

To find out about our services, contact us.

At your side to realize your projects

Picking outa Chartered Accountant at  Casablanca is not easy, yet it is an important decision.


Rigor and seriousness will be your first selection criteria, we are its most ardent defenders: accounting expertise is a matter of precision and technique, that's what we promise you.


We also promise you listening and assistance, in the legal and fiscal fields in which the entrepreneur is often left to himself.


But what we promise you above all is to adopt your attitude as a business leader, and to think in terms of activity and development, so that your accounting effort contributes to the growth of your business.

Youssef Najeddine Expert comptable Casablanca
Youssef Najeddine
Accountant and Statutory Auditor

Notre équipe
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If you requireassistance, do not hesitate to contact us.

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