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Business closure


Dissolution - Liquidation

For personal or professional reasons you may be forced to close your company, we are talking about de cessation d'activité. It is a procedure that must be carried out in two stages: dissolution and then liquidation.


Cease of payment

Any company that falls into a state of suspension of payments has a period of 45 days to make  its declaration of suspension of payments. This declaration makes it possible to make a statement of the financial situation of the company and to proceed to its redressement or sa liquidation.


put to sleep

Putting your company on hold allows you to temporarily suspend your activity. You thus have a period of 2 years before resuming the activity of your company or taking steps to close it permanently.


Sale of shares

To bring a partner into or out of a SARL, it is essential to carry out administrative procedures. It is necessary in particular to establish a contract of transfer of shares of SARL and to approve the new partner in General Assembly. This contract must be registered for tax purposes and filed with the registry of the Commercial Court.

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