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Company formation in Morocco


Creation of an LLC

La SARL (Limited Liability Company) is a very common form of company in Morocco. This form of company is suitable for virtually  any type of commercial and craft activity. Creating an LLC allows you to protect your personal assets effectively and benefit from appropriate taxation. This form of company offers entrepreneurs simplicity and security.


Creation of an SAS

It is a very flexible legal structure formed between legal persons with a view to creating or managing a common subsidiary, or else to create a company which will become their common parent. Creating an SAS allows you to benefit from great contractual freedom which allows its creators to freely define the operating rules of the company in the statutes.


Creation of an SCI

La SCI (Société Civile Immobilière) is a partnership, allowing simplified and economical management of real estate.


Creation of a SASU

La SASU (Société par Actions Simplifiée Unipersonnelle) is very popular among entrepreneurs who are starting out on their own. Creating a SASU protects your personal property and that of your spouse. The SASU is also a flexible structure that allows you to organize your business easily.

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