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Modification of the statutes

Certains évènements de la vie d'une société nécessitent une modification des statuts :_cc781905-5cde-3194- a change in activity. can be carried out 100% online on

Creation of an LLC

How it works ? 

Requirement collection

Answer simple questions (15 min)

Preparation of statutes

We prepare your statutes and manage your formalities.

Obtaining the J model

Get your Model J, your SARL is officially created!

Creation of an LLC

You are accompanied by Experts 


A simple and quick solution.

Create your documents and complete your formalities in less than 15 minutes.


100% up-to-date legal documents

Our models are written by specialized lawyers and reviewed by a committee of experts.


Impressive savings

Save up to 50% on your legal fees


Experts at your service

All our documents are designed by lawyers who are experts in their field. They guide you and answer your questions if necessary.

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