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Caisse nationale sécurité sociale

Social Security (CNSS)


Statement of wages

You must make a regular declaration to the CNSS of the wages paid to its employees. This salary declaration is supported by the “Salary Declaration Slip”. You must therefore declare your new employees by entering their names and registration numbers on le BDS Entrants.


Affiliation of a company

at the CNSS

Affiliation is the administrative act that allows the CNSS to identify a subject employer by assigning him a specific affiliation number which allows him to declare his salary of its employees and the payment of the corresponding contributions.


Certificate to bid for public contracts

This certificate is issued to you when you are in a regular situation of wage declarations and payment of contributions in application of the law fixing the conditions and forms of submissions to contracts for works, supplies or services for the state account.


Payment of social contributions

Payment of contributions relating to your spontaneous wage declarations is made via le bordereau de payment des contributions (BPC).

The BPC is a transfer order drawn on the banks to debit your account and credit the CNSS account.


Registration of a employee

at the CNSS

The registration is the operation of identification of your employees by the CNSS granting them a unique registration number which will allow them to be identified as insured person and to register their declaration of wages and their periods of work which constitute the basis for the provision of benefits.


Contesting a decision

of the CNSS

In the event that the employer disputes the amounts claimed, he has the right to lodge a dispute with the CNSS with supporting documents and a guarantee as provided for by the public debt collection code.

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