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Association in Morocco


Creation of an Association

Une association is an organization whose objective is not to make profits. It is a structure that can be used in various and varied fields (sport, culture, art, humanitarian). It is essential to carry out specific administrative procedures to create an association.


Modification of the statutes of an association

Any  modification of the statutes of an association  must be declared to the administration within 3 months following this modification. the name, leaders or corporate purpose of an association may be modified online  at any time.


Approval of association accounts

Often, the statutes of an association require the  to keep simplified accounts. Leaders must then submit  the accounts of the association to members  during the Annual General Meeting and write an -136bad5cf58d_minutes of the General Assembly.


Dissolution and Liquidation of an association

To decide on the voluntary dissolution of the association, whatever the reason,  it is necessary to send a convocation d'general assembly_905cc758d_ -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_extraordinaire d'association  must be met and its vote obtained. Such a decision requires broad membership approval! The vote will generally have to be obtained by qualified majority, according to what is provided for in the statuts of the association.

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